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Literal Latte “Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is lyrical and comical and entirely, irrespective of its “pornographic” content, magical.

Make no error, this guide will not impress to a lot of, might even repulse some ? it really is visual with both homosexual and heterosexual functions with respect to every orifice real and imagined, every physical fluid and excretion, and it is also from time to time sadistic (however never as so compared to the initial de Sade). But this might be the most solely inventive publications, very unrestrained routes of fancy (albeit warped), that we have experienced an encounter that is close in certain time. “

Clamor Magazine

“In ETSF, Supervert ingeniously takes the UFO abduction misconception and turns it upside-down. When I first encountered ETSF I became defer because of the untraditional structure, but joined in to the nature for the guide by random browsing. Continue reading